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The Modern Martial Arts Team
3 - 5 YEARS 
Our innovative program, designed by an Educational professional, has everything you could ever want for your budding martial artist.  Teaching physical defence and techniques, we also incorporate 'real world' defence for little people from as young as 3 years old, along with vital life skills too.

Tuesday  -    5.00 pm
Thursday  -  5.00 pm
Sunday -     10.00 am

HERE for detailed information on our Little Champions Curriculum
6 - 8 YEARS
Expertly and specifically designed for the attention span of this age group, these classes are to the point, fast paced and feature skill based learning and drilling. With disguised repetition, skillsets are easily attained and improved upon in every lesson. Great, sweaty fun!

Tuesday       -      5.45 pm
 Thursday     -      5.45 pm 
Following a systemised modular syllabus, this class is from white belt to green belt and covers the range of kata and techniques associated with these grades. Lots of one on one time with the Instructor and correction in every class for every student. We also teach and run sparring sessions, with a view to allowing the students to participate in the judging and refereeing process, so they gain a deeper understanding;  to complement their physical prowess.

Wednesday      -       5.15 pm
Sunday      -     10.45 am

Kobudo (weaponry)

6 years to ADULT *
A mixed age class focusing on weapons training. Based on the very traditional 'Matayoshi' style of Kobudo (Ancient Way) we focus on the weapons of Bo (staff), Sai (fork), Nunchaku (Baton on a chain), Tunkua (baton) and Kama (hand scythe) initially and then we move on to more advanced weaponry.
* (based on individual merit)

Monday  - 5.00pm (low grades)
Monday  - 6.00 pm (intermediate)
Wednesday - 7.00 pm (all grades)
9 - 13 YEARS
Progression from Junior Kickboxing means that the Cadets are subjected to harder training (albeit fun) and more complex drills are practiced as they progress.  Emphasis is placed on chaining combinations and coaching and sparring to prepare them for the ring.

Tuesday       -      6.30 pm
Thursday     -      6.30 pm
Following on from the low grades, this class starts from blue belt and covers the more advanced techniques, required for reaching black belt (and beyond) and is a fantastic class for your child to learn some very good values, including discipline and perseverance.

Wednesday      -        6.00 pm
 Sunday      -      11.30 am

Iaido (swordplay)

10 years to ADULT *
Based on the techniques and forms of the ZNKR (Zen Nippon Kai Renmei) this is a form of Iaido that is both modern and ancient in its teachings and reflections. With students working up to use a 'live' Iaito (blade for drawing) or even a 'practical' Katana (sword for cutting) skills will be fundamentally increased as they seek to perfect their art.

* (based on individual merit)

Monday  - 7pm

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14 YEARS +
You are never too old to start a martial art and you are never too unfit. Improved fitness, improved flexibility and increased confidence are just a few by products of training with us in Kickboxing. A great group of peers to work with is essential and we have one of the finest groups around. Highly recommended. 

Tuesday - 7.30 pm
Thursday - 7.30 pm
14 YEARS +
For adults (aged over 14 years) this class is intense in its teaching, but relaxed in its intention.

Teaching traditional Japanese Karate Do, namely Wado Ryu Karate Do (The Way of Peace) we mix traditional Okinawan training methods and other elements into each and every class.  This is because our Instructors frequent Okinawa, being taught by the highest ranking teachers in the world.  

Wednesday       -   8.00 pm
Sunday               -         12.30 pm

Seminars & Workshops

We always use our extended knowledge and experience of other arts to make us become better martial artists and more indepth Instuctors.  We hold regular workshops to reflect this.  Things such as appreciation of other arts and real world workshops on self defence and how to avoid being a victim. 

Various times throughout the year - Please check our Calendar

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