About Us...

We are Modern Martial Arts.  We are a training facility located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and we teach martial arts to anyone from the age of 3 years.  We have specialised classes according to age group and we pride ourselves in our welcoming, friendly, family orientated atmosphere.
We have classes for everyone from our bespoke Little Champions program for 3 – 7 yrs, to classes in Karate and Kickboxing for all ages.  We separate juniors from adults and we even offer Ladies only classes. Our classes are enjoyable and informative and are designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and overall body strength and tone. 

On top of that, we have our numerous seminars and workshops, which target current issues and supply knowledge of martial history in general.  With all this in place, we really are a well-rounded martial arts school, with our students best interests at heart.  Our instructors regularly train in Okinawa and Tokyo, Japan with some of the highest master ranks in the world, increasing their knowledge and skills for your benefit and bringing home new ideas and techniques, all of which are derived from ancient martial knowledge and indoctrinated in the science of the arts.

We are the people’s choice for quality martial arts training and this is backed up by our market research,  which shows that 97% of our clientele are recommended to us by an existing student.  We are not elitist, we teach normal everyday people like yourselves how to benefit from and enjoy the martial arts.  You will not feel insecure or unable in our Dojo. You will not be met with vanity or profanity; you will be met with consummate professionalism and a friendly face.

You will walk in and you will feel welcomed.  You will not be shown what you cannot do; you will be shown what you CAN do and how you can achieve it with our help.  This is who we are and this is what we do.  We are Modern Martial Arts and we help YOU. 

Whatever you are wanting from the martial arts, be it a hobby, a form of exercise, someplace to meet friends, or even to compete on the mats or in the ring, then we are your first and only stop for all your needs.  With our generous ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL you can come without any obligation whatsoever and try us out and see if we are what you are looking for.  There are no lengthy contracts to sign or any hidden fees and we are usually running some special offer or another so ask a member of staff about them when you come down to see us. 

Still here? Good, then that means you are still interested.

If you want to book your first lesson on your ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL, then contact us on           0845 257 69 57 or email us on

Remember, whatever your reasons for NOT contacting us NOW, you are only holding yourself back from your new life and your new found inner and outer self. 

We have helped people deal with confidence issues, health problems, bullying, low self-esteem, depression and much more.  Our core team comprises of professional people (in our day jobs) from the fields of Education, Higher Education, Law and Health and Fitness, all of which we utilise in our teachings, guidance and advice and that’s what sets us apart from other martial arts schools.

 And if you simply feel you are not fit enough, then remember this.


Just grab the phone and call us now or text on 07939205099 (24 hours a day)
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