Food (and drink) for thought...
by The MMA Team on December 7th, 2014

Darrel here. Resident karate geek and personal trainer.  I have a little knowledge of the human body too. I did nutrition years ago when I was studying to be a nurse and I keep a keen interest in it these days, from an health and fitness perspective.  There is so much going round these days about this food and that supplement etc etc, thats its hard to keep up. SO....

I decided I am going to ocassionally post on the blog to try and break some of all this techno blabber into laymans terms. Heres one of my first posts.  Its a small part of why i hate 'diet' or 'low fat' foods, which branches off into many other things, so for today I will keep it nice and simple.

Probiotics... ok so what are they?

Simply put they are organisms such as yeast or bacteria. However unlike most peoples perception of bacteria, these guys are helpful and help us keep healthy and well. The digestive system has around 500 different types of bacteria and they all perform functions such as keeping the intestines etc health and allow us to digest our food. They basically help and form part of our immune system.

Hence forth, the probiotics are good guys.

So low fat foods are good too right?

Well layman terms are now going to come out.

Sugar.  Your body is designed to utilise, assimilate and break down sugar. Cool, right?

Yes, very cool. So why do more and more people tell us to cut it out of our diet? Well in moderation, the human body needs sugar, basically to 'fuel' us. To supply fuel to our muscles and brain. However in excess this sugar is stored (if too much is present for the body to use) and can eventually be stored as excess weight and lipids (fat). Not cool...

So we have all these 'low fat' food choices and 'diet' foods that are low in fat and sugar. So thats got to be a good thing right?


These foods nearly all use 'processed' sugars or chemical alternatives to sugars that claim to have little to zero calories. That sounds amazing. Except when you realise that the human body is designed to utilise and convert natural enzymes, proteins, sugars etc. It was never designed to utilise chemical alternatives.  This includes such things as tea and coffee sweeteners.

Firstly lets look at a few reasons why and then lets go full circle and get back to those probiotic fellows.

Everytime you eat or drink something that contains natural sugar, your body recognises the calories and starts up its internal fire (thermogenics) in order to burn these fuels and convert them to a useable state.   If the body does not recognise these calories (as there are none in artificial alternatives) then it wont heat up or burn any calories. Thus you wont feel 'full' and you will usually overeat all this wonderful diet food as its got next to no calories in it...

Your body is designed to digest and utilise sugar in 24 hours, but when it comes to these artificial alternatives, that can be as long as 4 days as your body simply cannot digest this chemical additive.  If you eat this kind of food regurlarly you will notice a change in toiletry habits and a massive strain will be placed on your digestive system over time.

OK so two good reasons. What about these probiotic chaps?

Well heres another reason..

You know the smelly substance they put in swimming pools that stings your eyes when its a little over zealously put in? Thats chlorine, a kind of bleach that kills bacteria.

Hold on? Arent probiotics bacteria?


So artifical sugars and sweeteners are actually helping to KILL OFF these probiotic warriors and weaken your immune and digestive systems...

What else contains chlorine? Council pop. Or TAP WATER. Do you have a chlorine filter on your tap?  I do. I have one of those large fridges that has a water and ice dispenser on the side and its got an inline chlorine filter fitted by moi. This helps filtrate the levels of chlorine that I get in my glass when i pour myself a drink and protects my tiny minute Probiotic champions so they can get on with their important job and keep me healthy.

So think before you turn that tap next time or pick up that 'healthy' meal....

Peace, post soon.


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