Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor an HONEST UNBIASED OPINION
by The MMA Team on August 27th, 2017

Ok, so here is MY opinion (Darrel) of the fight this morning. I am unbiased as I am a fan of neither fighter in their respective arts and I was writing this on the fly, watching it with no knowledge of the outcome and typing during the round itself. I expect lots of responses or people giving their expert opinion, which is fine, just remember unless you are an elite level professional boxing coach/trainer/fighter, you dont have an expert opinion, this is merely my personal opinion. I hope you enjoy. Cheers :)     Oh and I apologise for typos etc.


​In my opinion was a round of ‘southpaw pattercake’. Mayweather was doing what any good fighter should do in the first round and trying to weigh up his opponent, who was keeping Mayweather away with a VERY annoying right hand. Connor looked clearly out of his depth in this first round, no guard whatsoever and almost looked to be talking himself through some padwork routines. Most people would score this round to Conor I guess purely on his amount of ‘punches’, personally this would have frustrated me as that hand was so damn annoying, but it didn’t work, Mayweather is a veteran of boxing and didn’t take the bait, which was Conor, trying to keep him at bay and draw in him for some hard shots. Looking at this from a view of tactics, Conor had a game plan, but it showed through as very inexperienced and Mayweather did the right thing.  I think most judges would call this to CM (if they had to) despite Floyd clearly showing he was far more experienced, he did very little in this round (which in my opinion was the right call)


​Much of the same. God damn that right hand is annoying. 


​Mayweather getting visually annoyed now at not getting into Conors guard (if that’s what it is…) and a few little episodes of holding happened that were instigated by him in an attempt to get in close. It is starting to seem like Conor doesn’t want to ‘hurt’ Mayweather with the amount of tippy tapping going on and what on earth are those rabbit like punches hes landing that are going downwards to the back of Mayweathers head? Are they even punches? The ref seems very intent on telling Conor to stop hitting the back of the head. Yes I see his point, but I think it’s a little over cautious at this point and possibly shows a little bias on his side thinking that an mma fighter has no place being in the same ring as Mayweather. Conor. Start fighting. Mayweather – get your head up.  Probably would sway CM way for this round yet again, though I really hate to call it when this isn’t really boxing, but its early days yet.


​Starting with a little fire from Conor, throwing what look like actual punches, this round starts to heat up very quickly, but… lets step back a little. In the corner at the end of Round 3, Conor looked visibly tired, breathing heavy and starting to perspire and slow down (if he’s ever speeded up by this point) whilst Mayweather looks like he hasn’t even started to break a sweat. Sure signs of a world class professional who has gone the distance many times. So back to the round, after a really positive start from Conor, the round soon starts going downhill. He starts to lean and clinch a few too many times and his fatigue is definitely showing. Whilst he is an amazingly fit guy, this is a classic case of signs of Sport Specific fitness failure (I don’t think that’s a real term, but SSFF sounds cool, so lets use it) Conor then starts going back to that annoying hand and his little rabbit punches. Mayweather starts to move in and gets a few shots landed. In my opinion a MW round, not on HIS level of activity, more on Connors lack of boxing in this round.


​More action at the start and more movement from both fighters. MW is starting to show signs of annoyance but steadily moving a little closer to CM. still too much semi clinching going on from CM for my liking but I genuinely do not think he is doing it on purpose. Old habits die hard, but this is a bad move from his trainers and coaches as knowing what fight he was training for this should have been stamped out and stamped out early on in his training as a big no no and certainly shouldn’t have been creeping in from such an early stage. It’s starting to look like a classic case of ‘make him miss, make him pay’ coming from the FM corner as his long term tactics start to take effect. It may have cost him say the first three rounds, but at this point, it’s turning again the FM way.  Then there is the ‘push’ from FM after the bell. Not a good show of sportsmanship at all but clearly a sign of his frustration and an attempt to get CM to show a bit more aggression?
Interesting point, I have not seen CM make any eye contact to this point. He seems to be looking at FM chest for most of the time, interesting…


​Ok so now we are starting to see more of a fight. Couple of times that some holding isn’t always CM’s fault and you can see its FM whom has control of the arm. A smile from FM after halfway seems to bring Conor out of his coma a little and he starts to show a little of his trademark cockiness with a smile back and a faint whisper of a taunt or two before the end of the round. You have to understand from a judging perspective it’s a tough call as this isn’t a clear cut boxing match, so you have to put the bias out of your head and judge it as that. Personally, its close on this round, but I would call it FM. Floyd is clearly sweating now, but looks like he could do another 18 rounds still.


​Ok so this round starts with a hold, and there is a LOT of holding throughout and I would say the ratio of blame is clearly to CM at this point. More fists flowing, FM has definitely worked his way inside and is at a closer fighting distance to CM throughout rather than being kept at bay by that floating hand of his. FM doesn’t always help the holds, but one that starts almost by accident near the end of the round, he clearly seeks to rectify immediately but is taken into CMs hold and hit. Something he is not happy about and vocalises this to his corner. Around halfway FM and CM are being separated and FM lands a cheeky right hook to CM when being pushed apart. The referee speaks to him and he looks shocked. Its close, but you still need to listen to the ref. This is the first round I have seen both mens heads ‘moving’ back from punches being landed. But CMs head moves back a few more times and I call it FM.  Good round, but CM is visibly tired by the end and by all his holding and its showing, the annoying right hand makes a brief appearance again before this round is over. 


​Ok a little less holding a little more boxing. I think FM misjudges CM’s reach a few times on this and gets a few glancing blows from him. Glancing at best, but landing all the same. I see something in this round I haven’t seen in the whole fight, CM with an actual GUARD! Its very brief but its there, he realises FM is moving in now and needs to tuck up as more punches are getting through. Its starting to look a little more like a boxing match now but I still think CM has looked nervous throughout the whole fight, and I see none of his usual brashness and fighting spirit I usually see.


​There is apparently a low blow by CM at the start of this round near the corner, the version I have seen makes it very difficult to see what happened as its not fully centred on the fighters when it happens, so I cant comment. I have seen a fair few low blows in the whole fight, but that’s why boxers wear the high waistband, lets move on, I cant comment fairly. What I will say though, a low blow is nothing compared to an underhand move, which is what I see CM do to FM as the ref is still speaking to him! Not cool. FM returns this with another hook later on when being split by the ref. CM is looking tired now and it starting to show. It looks consistently that FM is putting elbows into CM’s face, but hes putting his arm forward and being held, so it’s a situation that wont end well for one of them if it continues. Lets see what happens in the next round!


​Well. CM is holding FM with a different tactic on this round, which starts with his right hand on his head whilst he hits him with the left. A little comedic at best. A bit more of this happens and then FM starts to open up a little and get CM retreating; he just starts to get him up against the ropes and the ref steps in and stops it. CM has lost the fight. Could he have gone a little more? Possibly, but we will never know now, due to the actions of Richard Byrd. 


​This summary is a little hard to write as I didn’t like the idea of this match happening in the first place. I don’t have massive likes for either fighter in their respective arts, but I do have the utmost respect for them in it. This level of sportsmanship requires a lot of discipline and hard work in either art. That being said I watched this without any knowledge of the fight and I wrote it round by round, so my opinions are based ‘on the fly’ so to speak as I typed whilst watching (yes I am that clever lol).

Conor, has a fair level of skill, mainly with his reactions and his movements. From this fight, not in his actual boxing skills, which I saw very little of to be honest, certainly not that should ever be in the ring with a professional boxer. That being said, he did better in some respects; mainly the ones I mention, he had some good slipping and evasion skills which helped him miss a few shots. I just cant help but think he had been told not to go for it or not to ‘hurt’ FM as he had very little fire in him the whole fight. His guard was non existent most of the fight and you cant evade forever, a lot of his shots were thrown wide and there was just none of the tight clean techniques you expect to see from professional boxing. But then again, he’s NOT a professional boxer. Another reason this fight shouldn’t have happened in my opinion.

It may be fun and a cash cow, but I cant help feeling that both men should be a little ashamed of themselves. Agreeing and participating for such huge sums of money and putting on the show they did. It was tame and underwhelming and people paid a lot of money to watch it. (I don’t know post fight at all as I cant be bothered following it up, so if anyone knows they are donating it all to charity or whatever then I apologise in advance)

Floyd didn’t HAVE to try and it looked like Conor didn’t WANT to try. It maybe a little shameful, but I would fight Floyd if someone offered me that amount of money, so CM has won anyway in the amount of purse he picked up, I just would have liked to have seen him really go for it and give his fans the fight they wanted. I have seen comments from lots of fans etc saying how he did well, could have carried on etc, but personally Im glad it ended the way it did. For me it was as frustrating and anti climatic as the whole build up to it and please god, don’t let there be a rematch…..

Lennox Lewis had a good tweet on the fight.

​"Conner kept it interesting but he was outboxed and outclassed in the square ring. Nothing to be ashamed of tho. I like him even more now!" 

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Vikn - June 27th, 2020 at 3:21 PM
Yea very "unbiased" lol
An unbiased analysis would be that Floyd won the match, Conor won the fight. And if they run it back, it goes that way 10/10 times. Conor IS annoying, for sure...but the delusion and insecurity required to dismiss the achievement of Conor in this event is staggering. Certain people who came into this patticake match (boxing is so far from a fight) with the intent to see what they wanted to see only highlights the insecure death rattle of boxing's perception as a real fight. Obv the sport isn't dead (Fury decimating the other greats being such big news) but the illusion of boxing being a fight is long gone to anyone with the capacity for objective analysis.

Mike Tyson's analysis was the best and fairest. Likely because he is secure enough in himself to see what happened instead of playing make believe with what he wanted to happen. Funnily enough, he is also one of the only boxers who could have certainly become champion in MMA had the sport existed back then
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