Modern Martial Arts
Gen Dai Bu Jutsu

Traditional Karate Do

Our traditional Karate Do (way of the empty hand) classes are run by Instructors who frequently train in Okinawa and mainland Japan with the highest ranked Instructors on the planet. This means we constantly strive to bring the very best in teaching techniques to each and every class.

Our core style is traditional Japanese and is known as Wado Ryu (The Way of Peace School) but the fact we train so often in the birthplace of karate - Okinawa, means our Karate classes are unique in both mindset and physical labor.

Functional and practical demonstrations are abound and on top of this its a fantastic sweaty workout as well as working the mind!

Class days and times are as follows

Monday - MIxed Karate (all grades - all ages)

Wednesday - Adult Karate (all grades)

Sunday - Adult Karate (all grades)


As per our kickboxing classes, all our Karate classes are split. Little Champions covers the 3-7 yrs spectrum and our junior classes cover 8 years to 14 years.  This enables us to gear our level of teaching to meet the classes needs.

Class days and times are as follows

Wednesday - Junior Low Grades (to green belt) 
5.15 pm

Wednesday - Junior High Grades (blue belt and above)
6.00 pm

Sunday - Junior Low Grades (to green belt) 
10.45 am

Sunday - Junior High Grades (blue belt and above)
11.30 am

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