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The Modern Martial Arts Team

Little Champions 

Our innovative program, designed by an Education Professional, has everything you could ever want for your budding martial artist.  Teaching physical defence and techniques, we also incorporate 'real world' defence for little people from as young as 3 years old, along with vital life skills too.

Welcome to the Squad!

If your dreams are of the tournament scene or winning belts in the ring, then the squad is for you! Relatively new to MMA, the squad and fight team have already had many successes from local, national and even international levels. Train and work hard with more sessions of advanced training.

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Whether you are looking for a new hobby or a way to keep fit, or maybe you are wanting to compete in the ring?  Well there is something for everyone in our Kickboxing Classes.  We split all our classes so Adults don't train with Juniors, as this allows us to teach classes to appropriate levels.

MMA Trips & Events

We often arrange outings to other cities and even trips to other countries geared towards your training needs and sometimes just for the hell of it! It's good to let your hair down and theres no better way than socialising with MMA. We also have various parties and events throughout the year!

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Traditional Karate Do

Teaching traditional Japanese Karate Do, namely Wado Ryu Karate Do (The Way of Peace) we mix traditional Okinawan training methods and other elements into each and every class.  This is because our Instructors frequent Okinawa, being taught by the highest ranking teachers in the world.  

Seminars & Workshops

We always use our extended knowledge and experience of other arts to make us become better martial artists and more indepth Instuctors.  We hold regular workshops to reflect this.  Things such as appreciation of other arts and real world workshops on self defence and how to avoid being a victim. Check our Calendar for the latest seminars.

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