Modern Martial Arts
Gen Dai Bu Jutsu
All our training plans are for 30 days. No Contracts ever. All we ask is you give us 30 days cancellation notice and thats it. No contract, no fees, no hassle.  Its all simple at MMA! Even our simple pricing schemes. something suitable for everyone and cheaper the more you train. We are practically giving away our Family plans! On our plans, classes start from £7.00 each down to as little as 86p!*

But before we even need to talk about the costs involved, just remember you have TWO WHOLE WEEKS of free lessons to make up your mind! You can come to as little or as many as you want/are entitled to come to. And we have NO CONTRACTS. Just a 30 day rolling period. So what are you waiting for?

Single Basic

Single Unlimited

Family Unlimited




​Extra family members 50% off!*

5 Sessions per month

​Great as an introduction to the Martial Arts

*Add an immediate family member for just £17.50 a month extra!

​Extra family members 50% off!*

Unlimited access to any of our classes

Great value for money

Come to as many classes as you want

*Add an immediate family member for just £27.50 a month extra!

Extra family members 50% off!*

Up to 4 members of a family can share this membership and train as many times as they want!
Unlimited access to any of our classes

Exceptional value for money

Each Family Member can come to as many classes as they want

*Add another immediate family member for just £27.50 per person per month​


Can I save anymore money?

Why actually, YES, you can. Whilst we operate a non contract policy (30 days, see above) we also offer people the option of payment up front for a years training. Whilst this is making a commitment, its a one off payment that secures your training for a whole year. 

How much will I save?
Well for starters, you get a whole TWO MONTHS FREE! Thats right, you only pay for TEN months and get a whole TWELVE months of training! On top of that we give you freebies including a FREE ONE on ONE session with a Senior Instructor or our Personal Trainer and massive discounts on other things. Ask a member of our staff for more details! 

Is there a joining fee?

There is a joining fee.  Whilst most gyms and clubs tout zero joining fee, they usually add any hidden charges to your account or monthly payments as hidden fees. We are completely transparent here at Modern Martial Arts. (look around and see how many so called 'professional' martial arts schools, list their prices on their websites...) The joining fee is simple. It's once again designed to save you money. Let us explain.

When you pay your joining fee (£60) it covers the cost of the following...
Your Licence and annual insurance, your first belt, your chosen art training suit, gloves suitable for your chosen art, shin and instep guards, a gum-shield and the remainder of your months training*.  Exceptional value and it gives you everything to get started in your training as soon as possible.

*All payments are debited via Direct Debit on the 1st of the month; so if you join just after this date you will get a months free training! 
​*Please note ALL our classes are charged over 48 weeks of the year not 52. This gives us 4 weeks that you are not charged for. we take two of these weeks to close at Christmas and the other two weeks are split between Spring and Summer for other commitments.
However, all fees are paid monthly regardless. 

For example - £35.00 per month x 12 = £420.00 per year

£420 is then divided by 48 to give us our weekly rate of £8.75 (if you x this by 4 you get £35.00)

However as you get more than ONE class per week on this (5 per month) the £35.00 is divided by 5 to equal £7.00 per class