Modern Martial Arts
Gen Dai Bu Jutsu

Our new school is opening in Silkstone, Barnsley on 28/09/15!

Thats right, look out for one of these flyers coming through your door if you are in the vicinity of Silkstone. The flyer will give you 50% off joining when you become a member of our newest school. 
With a brand new venue, that has only recently been built, you will train in an excellent environment with your Instructor - Richard, whom has been working hard to establish this new school and make it as popular as our HQ has been. Initially this school is offering Kickboxing to anyone from the age of 8 years, with separate Junior and Adult classes.

Open Monday nights from 6pm.  You can enquire about your free trial by contacting us now below. 

Contact us now by using the form below!