'​We have found the club to be very welcoming and have made some good friends'

​Our son Hayden, aged 9, has been training for over 3 years with Modern Martial Arts.  He has worked his way up to a brown belt, black tag, through the dedication and expertise of the highly skilled Sensei’s. We have found the club to be very welcoming and have made some good friends. The training is very rewarding and the lessons are well structured and cover many aspects of Karate Do ie: kata, self-defence and basics. They also highly value and enforce respect and discipline for both self and others, developing Hayden into a well-rounded individual who uses his karate skills responsibly. 

The club follows traditional Karate etiquette where there is a strong link to the founders of the ‘Wado Ryu’ Karate Do style.  In addition to the normal lessons there are opportunities to participate in sparring, seminars, squad training and intra tournament days.  

We can whole heartedly recommend the club to any child and/or parent, as through MMA, Karate has become a large and extremely rewarding part of our lives. If you're interested, then come along and have a go! It will greatly enrich your lives! 

​'The staff are polite, professional and friendly'

​My family and I trained at Modern Martial Arts (MMA) for almost 3 years, in the process my children learned basic first aid, road safety, sun safety, how to place someone in the recovery position and most importantly stranger awareness. The staff are polite, professional and friendly and the dojo has a fantastic family feeling, other students and parents make you feel welcome. I would highly recommend this dojo for families and sole users.

'Professional training environment'

Good friendly atmosphere. Family orientated with a much better atmosphere than other places like church halls and community centres etc as its a professional training environment. My son has been coming here for nearly four years and I would not change where he trains for anything. Top place!