Saturday 31st October - LOCKDOWN #2

Wednesday 4th November - ZOOM CODES

Good Evening Everyone, 

Unlike certain members of parliament, we will not be keeping you on tenterhooks for an extra hour or two for important announcements! 
We have been keeping a very tight grip on the current climate, ready for any change as it comes along. You can be assured, we expected this to happen at some point and we are more than ready for it. 

Four weeks closure is nothing compared to the four months plus we all endured earlier this year.
When we closed? What did we do? 

We made your Dojo look amazing. We got you new equipment to play with and we revamped everything. 

Lots of our staff played vital key roles in the pandemic and we still brought you classes via online medium. 

THAT'S BECAUSE NOTHING STOPS MODERN MARTIAL ARTS. Not the government, not an invisible virus, nothing.
This is where you guys come in. We will be releasing our interim timetable tomorrow for the dates from Thursday November 5th to Wednesday 2nd December. It will be slightly modified, but just as awesome as ever. I'm even going to be teaching 4 weeks of Kung Fu classes to anyone who cares to join me in learning the most exciting new Kung Fu style to hit the UK in decades.
All of this without even having to commute! 

Grading will still be underway for December to all those that have been consistently working hard this year and we have been planning our fabulous online awards evening for sometime now! Like I said nothing is stopping us. 

So to confirm what will happen now. Here's the boring 'need to know, not need to know' slides that Boris gave us. 😂

After this evening’s government announcement we have no choice but to close MMA for 1 month. This means that we will be closed on Thursday 5th November and reopen on Thursday 3rd December. 

November direct debits have already being generated and we cannot change these now, however in order to compensate for this month classes will be online (and we will be actively working with you to get you up and running, it takes literally minutes) and we will changing direct debits to half price for December! This effectively means that you will get some of your money back for November and by doing this it supports us financially to keep the business going (aka pay our landlord).

As I have said before, we will die trying before we close MMA and with your support, we will weather this little blip with no problems and be back on the mats in time for some December fun! 

Please be aware, to keep things fair to everyone if you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to cancel your direct debit, then there is a possibility you may lose your place in your class to someone else who may need it that was a paying student in November. Also your direct debit will be full price in December and not half price. We believe this is the best solution and the fairest way forward for everyone. If this applies to you please get in touch so we can support you. 

If anyone has any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me or Sarah.

Thanks once again, for your support. Onwards and upwards vive la MMA 🙂 

STAY SAFE and if any of you are struggling in this 'new' lockdown in anyway, get in touch; we are a community, you just never know what we or someone else could do to help!

Also don't hoard stuff. There's no need and it sucks. We all need to wipe our bums from time to time 😉

Zoom Codes for Online Classes
Little Champions
Tuesday & Thursday 5pm & Saturday 10am
Meeting ID: 896 9636 6202 
Passcode: champs
Junior & Cadets Kickboxing 
Tuesday & Thursday 6pm & Saturday 11am
Meeting ID: 871 4915 6960 
Passcode: juniorkbox
Adult Kickboxing 
Tuesday & Thursday 7pm & Saturday 12pm
Meeting ID: 834 9278 5291 
Passcode: adultkbox
Junior Low & High Grade Karate
Monday & Wednesday 5pm
Meeting ID: 842 3569 3251 
Passcode: lowgrades 
Adult Karate
Monday & Wednesday 6pm
Meeting ID: 841 1501 2052 
Passcode: adultkara
Kung Fu
Monday & Wednesday 7pm
Meeting ID: 880 2751 1471 
Passcode: highgrades