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As soon as you come off the roundabout onto Longfields Road, turn Immediately LEFT into the first set of gates which look like this.
You can see us on the sign for unit 14 (15 is ours too). Please be VERY CAREFUL when you are driving in the car park as it can get quite busy and some of our students are walking to class. Please respect this and observe all the rules. 
This is the Dojo. However THIS IS THE BACK. Please do not enter through these doors as the mats are only to be touched with bare feet or special indoor shoes.  Carry on going around the side of the building to the front.
This is the door you need. This is our reception area where a member of the team will welcome you to Modern Martial Arts. 
There is ample parking space with 35 spaces and designated disabled parking spaces, with a bike rack at the top end of the carpark. 

How to find us


Modern Martial Arts Academy of Excellence Honbu Dojo (Headquarters)

Units 14-15 Woodmoor Court, Longfields Road, Athersley, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 3HT


Phone: 0845 2576957
Mobile: 07463 238356
Mobile: 07939205099 (text 24 hours)
BBM Pin: 7C1E7F85


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